Girl’s Guide to Surviving Monaco

the beautiful Monte Carlo Casino

High rollers. Complete decadence. Yachts on yachts on yachts. Champagne flowing like a waterfall.

These are just a few things that come to mind when talking about Monaco, the teeny tiny country that is just a short train ride away from Nice, France. One of my closest friends Yasmine and I took a long weekend in the French Riviera this spring, and ended up with a rather thrilling yet slightly terrifying night out in the capitol of opulence.

my stress face as I gently touch a Porsche, expecting the alarm to go off, hahah Read More »

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Rosé-ing Our Way Through South of France

loving my pistachio ice cream in Antibes

Hello, hello!

Today we’re going to break down one of my favorite places that I’ve traveled to this year – SOUTH OF FRANCE, darling! Doesn’t it just exude elegance and grace? Trust me, the actual place does too.

drool worthy tiny beaches dot this beautiful coast

long distance soul sister <3

I met up with one of my closest friends, Yasmine, who actually lives in London (file under: the main reason I’m always running onto a plane to get to this city). South of France was perfect for our extended weekend girls trip – incredible food, crisp rosé, amazing sights, charming little towns just a short train ride away, and a wild night out in Monaco (oh man, Monaco gets its own whole post for being so damn extra).

loved this magical carousel 

Our main hub was in Nice, France, just two blocks from the waterfront in the cutest airbnb. Let me start by talking about this water – dear lord, I’ve never seen anything so incredibly blue. South of France is also called Cote d’Azure (Blue Coast in French) because I mean… lets just say I was beyond blown away by this water’s color. It did not look real, but so is! Read More »

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The Mews: It’s Been A While

always seeking the balance

That is actually how I used to start journal entries when I was younger all the time whenever I hadn’t written in a while – its been a while! So many whiles. So, anyways, yes, it really has been a minute.

If I thought 2016 was full of changes and growth, woof, well… the first half of 2017 has already given last year a huge run for its money, because my life has changed so much – in such good ways – and I couldn’t be more grateful for the life I’m now living.

To preface: I’ve been terrible with keeping up with blogging over the last several months. Read More »

The Mews

Castle Wedding in Ireland

strolling the tiny streets of Dublin

Back in the spring, I was lucky enough to get to attend my friends’ wedding in Ireland. It was my first time in the Emerald Isle, and it was the perfect backdrop for Courtneyann and Joe’s fairytale dreams to come true.

Most of the trip was spent doing wedding festivities – Courtneyann’s birthday and hen party (bach party) were both two days before the wedding, so it was basically a flurry of a few days spent laughing, crying, and dancing the night(s) away. April and I got to come on this trip together, and after the wedding we drove across the whole country to take in the Cliffs of Moher before having to head back to our little New York life.

so much joy that day <3

Destination weddings can be tough to pull off, but this one was so beyond perfectly executed, it was a dream for all involved. The guest list was under 30 people, so it was truly only the nearest and dearest souls spending such a precious few days together, from Dublin to two nights in a storybook castle on Waterford Island. Read More »

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Cuba with Surf Yoga Beer

best Cuba crew ever <3

Cuba has been on the top top top of my list for travels for as long as I can remember. There’s so many drawing factors – the time travel-y feel as the country is basically frozen in the 1960s, the stunning landscapes, the kind hearted, wonderful locals… and the mojitos, obvs. 😉

In front of one of Havana’s beautiful fountains

There’s an amazing company called Surf Yoga Beer based out of New York, created by Mantas Zvintas, that specializes in fitness retreats around the world – but they’re not your usual kind of detox/yoga/massage/juice cleanse kind of retreat (which are great in their own way). SYB focuses on adventuring and truly living to the absolute fullest on these retreats, combining daily fitness with massive amounts of daytime exploring and incredible nights out drinking and dancing. I mean, damn, our days were jam packed and we all slept probably only 4 hours a night but it was the best long weekend in Cuba I could imagine! I’ve been on the email list for a long time, but my schedule hadn’t allowed me to take any retreats with SYB… until I got the email about Cuba for end of March. I booked it the moment I saw it. #noragrets

tree pose-ing with Mantas at Baños de San Juan

Traveling to Cuba for us Americans only became possible on direct flights very recently, and I had been considering just going on my own because I had been dying to go for so long. It was such a relief at the time to get the email about the SYB trip to Cuba, because I wasn’t completely sold on doing it alone. I love solo travel but sometimes I prefer being with a group/guide – not on a slow, guided tour that drives me a little crazy, but a group adventure and/or a learning experience.

living to the fullest out here

Going forward though, now that I’ve been, I would totally go back to Cuba on my own. Seriously the people are some of the loveliest locals ever, and even though there’s hardly any wifi capability, it is totally do-able on your own! But going for the first time with such an awesome group of people – and now all new NYC friends – was an unforgettable experience 🙂 So! Lets get to it… Read More »

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Winter Is (Still) Coming

Winter is still very much here in New York! It even flurried some more this morning, and we have tons of snow on the ground from a big snowstorm earlier in the week. Agh!

March is when I start getting really restless for spring. Some days temperatures hover around 65 degrees, but March can still be pretty dark and gloomy (and snowy). I’m so happy the time changed last weekend to give us that extra daylight hour!

While with spring I usher in a lot more color into my wardrobe, these last moments of winter allow me to indulge in my love of wearing all black everything. I got this blouse, coat, and boots recently and really liked them all together. Read More »

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Dinner Party + My Favorite Mushrooms (Recipe)

Ashley’s incredible tablescape style

I spent this past weekend at one of my heart-homes, in Maryland with my best friends from college. I’m feeling sooo especially lucky this year, since I’ve already been seeing Ashley once a month, as it turns out! The girls visited me in NYC in January, Ash and I went on our ski trip in February, we just had this weekend in March, I just booked a flight down to Virginia for a weekend in April, and in May we have our annual Memorial Day camping trip.

never not dying laughing with these two

Like I’ve said before – long distance friendship isn’t easy but we all put in the work, and its so, so worth it to be as close as ever with the girls I spent my formative years with. They know every last bit of me, every piece of my soul, every weird quirk or wacky thing I’ve ever done, and they still love me to pieces, as I do them. I’ve made some pretty terrible choices in boys over the years, but my choices in girls couldn’t be better. 😉

I love their love <3

This weekend was special, as we planned out and executed an absolutely beautiful dinner party. Ashley and Kyle have a sous vide maker, and while I didn’t eat any of the chicken they made, I decided I wanted to just cut up a piece (yup, vegetarian weirdo, oh well) because they wouldn’t stop talking about how soft and perfectly cooked it was. Our friend Anthony ate the piece I went to town on, haha.

My contribution for the dinner party was this mushroom dish I love making. I found this recipe in a beautiful memoir called A Thousand Days In Venice, highly recommend. If you love mushrooms (they’re literally my favorite food) you’ve got to try this. Its simple enough, but absolutely incredible. My take on the recipe is below! Read More »

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Colorado Stole My Heart <3

happiest scamp ever to be at the top of a mountain

last run of the day = perfect light

A few weeks ago I went on my very first ski/snowboard trip with my best friend Ashley, her husband and his best friends. Ugh, I can’t even express how wonderful the weekend was. I expected to have a great weekend because every weekend I spend with Ash is magical (long distance friendship makes any time you spend together the best ever), but this one was just extra magic, extra fun.

my ride or die for 9 years

Originally we thought we would do a day on the bunny slopes, and then a day exploring town, but after our first day I was so into it I couldn’t imagine skipping out on the second day. Skiing isn’t easy for me – I fall a LOT (so many bruises) but it didn’t matter, I still loved being out there. Read More »

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The Mews: Up In The Air

(Photo from a previous west coast trip as I was sleeping and/or writing the whole trip this time ?)

Currently flying over beautiful Midwest, from Chicago (had a layover) to DENVER, CO for the first ski trip of my life! Woo!

(Post landing selfie in CO)

Sidenote: I call my random update posts ‘the mews’ because I thought I was being cute/clever, as in it’s the news – but mews, like a meow – and then I found out while I was in London in November that Mews is what they call little side streets. So I hope my Mews titled posts aren’t confusing to some, lol!

I haven’t done a mews post in a while so I figured it was about time. Can’t believe a month and a half of 2017 has already flown by, but its been really good to me so far. Life in New York has stabilized after a very tumultuous last few months of 2016, and I’m way happier now than I was, say, five months ago. So thank goodness for that – nothing like feeling your whole life is unraveling before your eyes, but keeping faith that things will get better. They did. Better than I ever hoped or expected. 🙂 Read More »

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Kitten-esque in Las Vegas

views of mountains behind this little sparkly city really get me

Hello, hello!

I spent a week escaping winter in New York by visiting my girlfriend who lives out in Las Vegas in January. The weather is high in the 60s, low in the 40s, which is my favorite kind of cosy sweater weather – not like the snow coat weather back home, blegh.

There is obviously so much to see and do in Las Vegas, but especially with having a friend who lives out there, I wanted to share a few of my favorites kitten-y things to do, from coffee shops to my favorite hotels to insider secrets. 🙂

sharing my croissant with Monaaaa <3 Read More »

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