About Brooklyn Kitten

There’s a lot that goes on here, so this guide is here for you to best understand what is where and how it all relates.


I love adventuring, whether its exploring completely new countries, little trips with friends, or having a fun day right here in NYC. In this section of the blog you will find travel diaries and guides to destinations I’ve been to and loved, recaps of random adventures closer to home, and Kitten’s Day Out – a day in the life, if you will, and mini guides to fun areas, shopping, and dining in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Kitchen + Bar

I turned vegetarian/mostly vegan in early 2016, and these are the kinds of recipes you’ll find here. Veg cooking is fun, delicious, and creative. In Fresh Eats you’ll find healthier varieties, while in Decadent Treats there are desserts and fattier, “treat”-ier options. I also bartended in Manhattan for a few years, and within Drink Me you’ll find exciting cocktail and mocktail recipes using fresh, lovely ingredients.


I would describe my personal style as feminine chic, as I love florals and anything flowy + princessy just as much as I love all black everything. The balance is somewhere between πŸ˜‰ Here you’ll find my street style outfits + where I shop, as well as a section of vintage pieces I score. (Vintage/thrift shopping is the most satisfying feeling ever, when you find that perfect piece that is so unique. LOVE.)

Wellness + Beauty

Who doesn’t want to always feel and look their best? In Body + Fitness I cover various workouts and awesome studios in NYC, as well as talk about my own fitness journey and goals. We go a little deeper in Mind + Spirit, as I discuss what books I’m reading to expand my mind and in what ways I’m feeding my spirit + soul. Skincare + Makeup is just that; my personal favorites, recommendations, tips and tricks, and being a guinea pig for beauty treatments – eyelash extensions, anyone?

The Mews

From the title of this blog, you may have guessed that I love cats and I may have a kitten or two in my life. The Mews is kind of the running news (but mews!) thread between all other sections and posts, and where I keep photos of my own Brooklyn kittens, Rory and Freya.