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Creek Camping in Virginia

Cliff jumping …or walking an invisible tightrope?

Currently: on the Amtrak home to NYC. I just had a splendid weekend, spent camping right on the shore of this lil bit of water called Craig Creek waaayyy off the beaten path in Virginia. If you didn’t know, I spent my schooling years running around causing lots of mischief in that beautiful state, and it is every bit as much home as New York and Florida are.

For most of the last seven years, my group of girlfriends from college and I have spent Memorial Day weekend camping. Our group changes over the years, mainly by husbands, boyfriends, puppies, and more new friends added, but the core of us is the same – myself, Ashley K, Ashley M, and Ellen. We all lived on the same dorm hall freshman year of school and fell in love with each other over Mexican food, shared musical preferences, late night drives, and cats, duh.

Anyways, this weekend of camping we make sure to fit in every year (aside from last year, as Ashley M and her husband Kyle were on their honeymoon!) is something I basically live for. Read More »

Adventures, Close to Home

Florida Recap

Mini Doughnut Factory treats, Easter selfie, beach palm and vegetarian Easter eats

This year was the first year I made it home for Easter in 8 years, since I left for college! Crazy. Something was always going on. Spring breaks didn’t line up with Easter at school, or I was always too busy to leave New York, or I was in London (twice?! haha), and last year April and I hosted a little Easter party ourselves – Polish style, in fact, where we had a pierogi assembly line, Polish beers, and white borscht. Read More »

Adventures, Close to Home

Girls Weekend in Maryland <3

polaroid shots

I have the best, best friends in the world.

April and I live together (for over five years now), and my two Ashley’s, my best friends from college, live in Maryland and Virginia. We try to see each other as often as possible – last year that turned out to be 8 times, which was amazing, including the time they surprised me for my birthday. This past weekend was the first time we’ve seen each other since right before Christmas, but it was just one of those absolutely perfect weekends, couldn’t have asked for a better time. Read More »

Adventures, Close to Home

Weekly Mews: Blizzard Party!

Rory and Freya checking out our balcony the day after the storm

Well, that was fun!

I’m talking about Jonas, the winter storm that hit the east coast hard over the weekend. But really, it wasn’t that bad here in Brooklyn. I bought way too many groceries beforehand so we had plenty of food, kept warm inside with marathoning That 70s Show and finally started Making A Murderer (!!!), and went exploring outside a couple times – once on the roof with the kittens in tow, and once out on the streets.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually been out in such a storm. I had way more fun than I expected being out on the streets! The snow was definitely whipping me in the face but I was running around and laughing quite a bit so I stayed warm. Read More »

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Two Perfect Backyards + a Christmas Tree

My favorite Saturdays always start without too much planning. This particular one, I knew I just wanted two things – a cookie [lol] and a Christmas tree. Not too much to ask for, right?

Jay and I set out to walk the few blocks to Bakeri, where I hoped my cookie would be found. But on the way, we stumbled into THE prettiest Christmas tree pop up, just around the corner from my apartment but on a street I rarely walk on. In other words, I may not have even passed it this season if I didn’t really want that cookie. Read More »

Adventures, Close to Home