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29 Rooms

in the ‘forest’ room

When I found out about Refinery29’s 29 Rooms installation art exhibit in a huge Bushwick warehouse, I knew I had to go immediately. Thank goodness I found out on Thursday night, the night all the famous bloggers and influencers were invited, so my friend Natashia and I were able to beat the crowd early on Friday. We only waited in line for probably half an hour, and spent 4 hours actually in the exhibit- I heard that on Saturday, the line itself to get in was over 5 hours! Agh. So glad we made it in on Friday.

The exhibit was SO MUCH FUN. Natashia and I were saying this is why we live in New York, for these kinds of experiences.

glitter room fun

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Adventures, Kitten's Day Out

Jazz Age Lawn Party

ran into some old friends <3

looooove any chance to dress up. I’ve known about the Jazz Age Lawn Party for a few years, but kept missing it every summer – this year I remembered it just in time to get tickets for April and I as part of her birthday present.

What is this party? It is an absolutely fabulous 1920’s day picnic party. It is so cute. It is so fun. There’s live bands playing 20’s music and dance floors for the charlston etc, people pack their own picnics or get food from vendors, lovely cocktails and strong beers, and everyone there is dressed to the nines in their gorgeous 1920s outfits. It is a bit of time traveling. I am obsessed.

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Adventures, Kitten's Day Out

UES: Antiquarian Book Fair, Candle Cafe & Holly Golightly’s Home

This weekend there was the New York Antiquarian Book Fair going on at Park Avenue Armory. I was gifted tickets by the event and knew I had to make a Kitten’s Day Out of it, Upper East Side style – somewhere I usually never find myself, making it the perfect place to do some new exploring. I found a vegan restaurant called Candle Cafe to check out for dinner, and realized that the Breakfast at Tiffany’s brownstone was just around the corner. Read More »

Adventures, Kitten's Day Out