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Dinner Party + My Favorite Mushrooms (Recipe)

Ashley’s incredible tablescape style

I spent this past weekend at one of my heart-homes, in Maryland with my best friends from college. I’m feeling sooo especially lucky this year, since I’ve already been seeing Ashley once a month, as it turns out! The girls visited me in NYC in January, Ash and I went on our ski trip in February, we just had this weekend in March, I just booked a flight down to Virginia for a weekend in April, and in May we have our annual Memorial Day camping trip.

never not dying laughing with these two

Like I’ve said before – long distance friendship isn’t easy but we all put in the work, and its so, so worth it to be as close as ever with the girls I spent my formative years with. They know every last bit of me, every piece of my soul, every weird quirk or wacky thing I’ve ever done, and they still love me to pieces, as I do them. I’ve made some pretty terrible choices in boys over the years, but my choices in girls couldn’t be better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love their love <3

This weekend was special, as we planned out and executed an absolutely beautiful dinner party. Ashley and Kyle have a sous vide maker, and while I didn’t eat any of the chicken they made, I decided I wanted to just cut up a piece (yup, vegetarian weirdo, oh well) because they wouldn’t stop talking about how soft and perfectly cooked it was. Our friendย Anthony ate the piece I went to town on, haha.

My contribution forย the dinner party was this mushroom dish I love making. I found this recipe in a beautiful memoir called A Thousand Daysย In Venice, highly recommend. If you love mushrooms (they’re literally my favorite food) you’ve got to try this. Its simple enough, but absolutely incredible. My take on the recipe is below! Read More ยป

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Organic Brownies… From a Box?!

You know when you’re in a baking mood? You see some fabulously complicated Pinterest creation and you go to the kitchen store to buy expensive pans you didn’t already have but then completely burn the carrot-pineapple cake to the point of inedibility… Or you somehow spend $48 on the ingredients and the recipe only ends up yielding 7 cookies. Hmm. (Both true stories)

This is now my little hack for those days. Meet this amazing brownie mix from the company Madhava. It tastes SO GOOD, is organic, and you would never know its from a box! This is what company has to say about this gem:

“Our love of brownies drove us to make a better batter, like brownies made from scratch (without all the work) … You won’t find any overly-processed sugars, chemicals or preservatives here. Just the ooey-gooey, rich, chocolate stuff brownies are made of.” Read More ยป

Decadent Treats, Kitchen + Bar