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Winter Is (Still) Coming

Winter is still very much here in New York! It even flurried some more this morning, and we have tons of snow on the ground from a big snowstorm earlier in the week. Agh!

March is when I start getting really restless for spring. Some days temperatures hover around 65 degrees, but March can still be pretty dark and gloomy (and snowy). I’m so happy the time changed last weekend to give us that extra daylight hour!

While with spring I usher in a lot more color into my wardrobe, these last moments of winter allow me to indulge in my love of wearing all black everything. I got this blouse, coat, and boots recently and really liked them all together. Read More »

Staying Chic, Style

April Showers

I’m sooo glad winter is over (I mean, the weather app keeps saying snow but I haven’t seen any since March so…)

But with the onset of spring and someday summer, these crazy April showers have to come first. When it can be so gloomy out while we’re waiting for those perfect weather days, some exciting springtime accessories are in order. Read More »

Staying Chic, Style

That 50’s Look

Just last month, my mom and I went to go see the movie Brooklyn with Saoirse Ronan and fell in looooove with her style in the film. That 1950s look, I’m all about it. Right after seeing the movie, we were doing some last minute Christmas shopping and popped into H&M. Feeling all inspired, I found a lovely white blouse with billowy sleeves and a simple black flowy skirt and knew I wanted to shoot this outfit. I thought about where the best place for it would be – somewhere with history, somewhere that her character could have visited. I realized that while I’ve been around and on the steps of the New York Public Library, I had never actually been inside.

These photos were taken while exploring this absolutely breathtaking historical place. The Rose Main Reading Room was closed for repairs, but we were still able to get some fun shots in different little corners. Read More »

Staying Chic, Style

Plaits and Pleats for Summer

plaits double

*Edit: Shot these photos and wrote this when it was actually summer… even though now in September, NYC still thinks it is. So hot the last couple weeks. Anyways…*

Summer in Brooklyn… well, summer anywhere. You’re getting sweaty and sticky but still want to look adorable and effortless, right? Read More »

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