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The Mews: It’s Been A While

always seeking the balance

That is actually how I used to start journal entries when I was younger all the time whenever I hadn’t written in a while – its been a while! So many whiles. So, anyways, yes, it really has been a minute.

If I thought 2016 was full of changes and growth, woof, well… the first half of 2017 has already given last year a huge run for its money, because my life has changed so much – in such good ways – and I couldn’t be more grateful for the life I’m now living.

To preface: I’ve been terrible with keeping up with blogging over the last several months. Read More ยป

The Mews

The Mews: Up In The Air

(Photo from a previous west coast trip as I was sleeping and/or writing the whole trip this time ?)

Currently flying over beautiful Midwest, from Chicago (had a layover) to DENVER, CO for the first ski trip of my life! Woo!

(Post landing selfie in CO)

Sidenote: I call my random update posts ‘the mews’ because I thought I was being cute/clever, as in it’s the news – but mews, like a meow – and then I found out while I was in London in November that Mews is what they call little side streets. So I hope my Mews titled posts aren’t confusing to some, lol!

I haven’t done a mews post in a while so I figured it was about time. Can’t believe a month and a half of 2017 has already flown by, but its been really good to me so far. Life in New York has stabilized after a very tumultuous last few months of 2016, and I’m way happier now than I was, say, five months ago. So thank goodness for that – nothing like feeling your whole life is unraveling before your eyes, but keeping faith that things will get better. They did. Better than I ever hoped or expected. ๐Ÿ™‚ Read More ยป

The Mews

Summer’s Flyin’

gorgeous girl with leftover birthday balloonsย 

Hi hi, kittens! Whew, its been a while since a Mews post.

Is it just me or does it really feel like summer is basically over already? Time has been ZOOMING. I guess between the trips I’ve taken already to having friends visit in NYC as well… every week feels like a day. Also that comes with getting older, doesn’t it? Time moving faster and faster.

So far since the beginning of summer (I count Memorial Day weekend as the beginning of summer, not the calendar summer start date;)) I’ve been to Virginia, Morocco, Las Vegas and Niagara Falls. Still to come is Poland to see my grandmother, Ibiza with my London friends, and ending the summer (Labor Day weekend, of course) in Virginia again. So glad I’m getting to bookmarkย my summer with long weekends in my favorite state.

that look you get from your cat when he knows you’re packing to leave again ๐Ÿ™

Since I have been so go go go lately, Read More ยป

The Mews

Prepping for Europe

lil guy very concerned about his summer haircut! (via snapchat – @poliknish)

Oh my gosh, so tomorrow I’m actually headed for Europe for ten days! So incredibly excited to be heading back, and with my best friend who moved away a few months ago, at that ๐Ÿ™‚ we are spending time in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and of course my beloved London (again, always, every chance I get).

I’ve meticulously planned out the Copenhagen and Amsterdam legs of the trip, from the places we will be exploring and visiting to the best spots to eat at. We are super breakfast people, love love looove going on breakfast dates. I’ve actually found and planned all of our breakfast spots, as well as made a few great dinner reservations, and found cute lunch places near whatever activities we have planned for the day! #sorted

Really though, planning travel itineraries is literally my favorite hobby, haha. Read More ยป

The Mews

Weekly Mews: What I’m Liking on TV (wat?!)

Rory boy… How in the world are you so photogenic?! #stunner

For some reason I’m in the mood to talk TV today in this Weekly Mews.

I don’t watch TV that often, basically the one show I’m super committed to is Game of Thrones. I do love Broad City because its like my life but just… more. Haha, more wild, more crazy, but every damn thing that happens to them on the show, April and I are like yup, either that has happened or it very well could have or even will. NYC life, man. llana and Abbi are hilarious and if you haven’t watched them yet, get on it!


The Mews

Weekly Mews: Cat Life

my sweet little cuddle bug

I don’t know about other cats, but Rory specifically (Freya sometimes) wants nothing more than to snuggle up in the crook of my arm, as above, purring like crazy and so content to be as close to me as possible. It makes me so happy when he comes for cuddles. Read More ยป

The Mews

Weekly Mews: Back to It

Whew, it feels so good to be home and back in the city.

I even totally appreciate the cold weather! I mean, I don’t think its dipped below freezing since I’ve been back, but its been nice to put on my coat and hat and scarf instead of being in a constant state of extreme humidity.

Since I was still pretty sick when I got home, this whole week has been one of trying to get better and get settled back into my routine. I think I’m getting there. ๐Ÿ™‚ Read More ยป

The Mews

Weekly Mews: Blizzard Party!

Rory and Freya checking out our balcony the day after the storm

Well, that was fun!

I’m talking about Jonas, the winter storm that hit the east coast hard over the weekend. But really, it wasn’t that bad here in Brooklyn. I bought way too many groceries beforehand so we had plenty of food, kept warm inside with marathoning That 70s Show and finally started Making A Murderer (!!!), and went exploring outside a couple times – once on the roof with the kittens in tow, and once out on the streets.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually been out in such a storm. I had way more fun than I expected being out on the streets! The snow was definitely whipping me in the face but I was running around and laughing quite a bit so I stayed warm. Read More ยป

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Weekly Mews

Freya looking as tiny as possible while cuddling Rory’s head

I admit it. I am the (cat)mother of not one, but both of the world’s snuggliest cats.

Every day is just a looooove fest with them. They’re asleep together in their April’sย chair as I type this. They’re always holding, licking, or touching each other. Of course they fight and chase each other too, but the snuggles are definitely a daily priority. Read More ยป

The Mews

Weekly Mews: Back in Brooklyn

(Freya’s little face – “oh hi hello”)

It is so, so wonderful to be home!

I got homeย just less than a week ago now and have been getting back into the swing of things. Back to pilates classes, endless (airbnb) laundry, and actually cooking again. And my cosy lovely bed that I’ve missed so much ๐Ÿ™‚ Read More ยป

The Mews