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Sneak Peek: January Pearlesque Box

I received my January Pearlesque box just before Christmas, so I’ve had a few days to try to products in this box and I am in love. They are perfect, especially for the cold, dry season of winter.

Last winter I got my first (and well, only, so far) facial at Heyday in Manhattan. My concerns were my horribly dry skin, and what I perceived to be my first wrinkles setting in. My facialist introduced me to adding oils into my skincare routine, and believe me when I say I no longer have worries about the wrinkles I thought I was getting.

This months box has three products from Akar Skin, a brand created after the creator visited Tibet (considered to be the 3rd cleanest place on earth, in terms of pollution!). Akar means white crystal in Tibetan, and means purity. These products are as pure as they can be. They sent a facial toner spray, facial oil and lip butter (and a cute little travel bag, seriously I can never have enough!). Read More »

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Pearlesque Box: Organic Skincare from Around the World!

When I’m looking for new beauty and skincare products, there’s some important details I can’t live without – I want what I’m putting onto my skin to be organic and non-toxic, ya know? The cleaner the ingredients in products, the better for your skin and health.

I was thrilled to be able to partner with Pearlesque Box, a monthly subscription beauty box that is definitely different than all the other beauty boxes. Pearlesque is the first box that I’ve ever felt was worth it, not only because they offer organic, natural products, but because every month they feature products from a different country!

It’s awesome to receive skincare from around the world. The last few months have featured products from Malibu, Rhode Island and Italy. The December box, featured in this post, was filled with Metta Skincare, a Melbourne brand. If not for Pearlesque Box I wouldn’t be discovering these great product lines that are actually so good for us. Read More »

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Modo vs Y7: My Two Absolute Favorite Yoga Studios

reflections outside Y7 Studio

If you don’t know already, I live for yoga. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but it is a HUGE part of my life – so much so that I even went to teacher training for a month earlier this year in Costa Rica! I’m not teaching yoga now (maybe someday); I mainly went to deepen my own practice, and lets be real, to run away from New York winter since I canNOT handle it, haha.

If you’re not into yoga, I really suggest trying it out. For my whole life growing up, my mother, who is a fantastic yoga teacher, tried so hard to get me into it and I just. Would. Not. I found it boring, to be honest. I really love to be active and I just wanted to run around outside or be swimming (…Floridian childhood).

But somehow, about a couple years ago something finally changed – I grew up? – and I fell in love with yoga. I can’t rave about the benefits enough; the stretching/loosening up, the balance work, the strength you build, the peace you find. There’s so many kinds of classes. Finding something that suits you perfectly really is possible. For me, I’m all about the hot yoga.

Modo Yoga’s beautiful white brick building
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One Week to Bikini Bod

Okay, I definitely don’t have a formula/trashy newsstand secret to losing ten pounds in ten days or whatever.

But Memorial Day is just around the river bend (had to, I’ll be spending some much needed river time this weekend;)) and I do have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to be as ready as possible!

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Bringing in Peace, Love and Light

As promised, I want to write little review of my experience with Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day guided meditation.

Oh, my, gosh. This stuff, it just WORKS.

As I’ve mentioned before, I was practicing meditation at my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, but I feel like I didn’t quite know what I was doing. I mean, I know to try to quiet my mind, watch my thoughts and let them go instead of being involved in them, focus on breath, sit in stillness, sometimes use a mantra.

But with the help of this guided meditation by Oprah and Deepak, it just all clicked into place. Read More »

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April Sephora Finds

I go to Sephora probably way too often. Is once a week-ish too often? I’m always in Union Square when I’m running errands, and it’s just right there, and I love makeup and skincare so I always have something I want to check out…

I usually splurge on a couple things once a month or so. I ONLY buy products that I’m absolutely obsessed with already and know I can’t live without – and I figure out what these ride or die beauty items are by utilizing the free samples. 😉 Read More »

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Read: The Untethered Soul

I really, really love to read.

Sometimes I go through periods where I barely read at all, other times through periods where I’m in the middle of several books (like now). I have a marketing book, a Deepak Chopra book and the novel To Be Sung Underwater currently all on rotation on my bedside table.

Above are some recents; novels Brooklyn and The Crimson Petal and the White. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, which I have not tried yet but really am looking forward to gleaning some knowledge out of. The Starch Solution, which I’m still reading. And two ‘spiritual’ books, shall we call them – The Untethered Soul and The Power of Now.

I have just read a couple chapters of Power so far, and while I’m sure it’s going to make an excellent future blog post, today I want to talk about The Untethered Soul. Read More »

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Vegging Out

(Gorgeous daily vegan food in Costa Rica)

hi, hi.

Ok, so I wrote this post in Costa Rica. Then I had internet problems and couldn’t post it. THEN I went through even more of a thought process with this whole thing when I came home over the last week, and decided I probably needed to go through and add some edited notes. So here we go – written in CR, edits popped in today 😉

I’ve been thinking about going vegan for so long – years even. In the last six months, it has been tugging at my heart more than ever. I’ve been busy reading many vegan blogs and cookbooks, and eating less and less meat and dairy while also trying out meatless/dairy free substitutions, like Daiya cheese (not a fan) and veg bacon (totally down with it). But my final turning point with meat came the day that Freddie the cow escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens. I cried, both with joy for his happy future at an animal sanctuary and with despair for all the animals who couldn’t have that same future. Reality sank in – that these animals feel so much fear and pain, surrounded by death their whole life with no escape; except for the very very few who do manage to clever their way out.

I watched Cowspiracy on Netflix the next day and I was done. How could I continue eating meat, knowing what goes on, having finally made that mental connection of live animals waiting to be killed, as well as learning about the drastic effects of factory farming on our environment? Read More »

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My Fitness Journey (+ Tips + Goals)

I used to be SO uncomfortable in my skin. I don’t like the term skinny-fat, because I didn’t even really feel like either of those, but unfit? Out of shape? Feeling heavy, dragging my feet, lethargic, unenergized, even depressed? Yes, all of the above, for most of my entire first four years of living in New York. I reached a breaking point and knew I had to make changes; not to get “skinny” or look good, but to literally survive.

May 2013 and May 2015 - featuring bruises and bug bites ;)

May 2013 vs May 2015

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