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Sneak Peek: January Pearlesque Box

I received my January Pearlesque box just before Christmas, so I’ve had a few days to try to products in this box and I am in love. They are perfect, especially for the cold, dry season of winter.

Last winter I got my first (and well, only, so far) facial at Heyday in Manhattan. My concerns were my horribly dry skin, and what I perceived to be my first wrinkles setting in. My facialist introduced me to adding oils into my skincare routine, and believe me when I say I no longer have worries about the wrinkles I thought I was getting.

This months box has three products from Akar Skin, a brand created after the creator visited Tibet (considered to be the 3rd cleanest place on earth, in terms of pollution!). Akar means white crystal in Tibetan, and means purity. These products are as pure as they can be. They sent a facial toner spray, facial oil and lip butter (and a cute little travel bag, seriously I can never have enough!). Read More Β»

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Pearlesque Box: Organic Skincare from Around the World!

When I’m looking for new beauty and skincare products, there’s some important details I can’t live without – I want what I’m putting onto my skin to be organic and non-toxic, ya know? The cleaner the ingredients in products, the better for your skin and health.

I was thrilled to be able to partner with Pearlesque Box, a monthly subscription beauty box that is definitely different than all the other beauty boxes. Pearlesque is the first box that I’ve ever felt was worth it, not only because they offer organic, natural products, but because every month they feature products from a different country!

It’s awesome to receive skincare from around the world. The last few months have featured products from Malibu, Rhode Island and Italy. The December box, featured in this post, was filled with Metta Skincare, a Melbourne brand. If not for Pearlesque Box I wouldn’t be discovering these great product lines that are actually so good for us. Read More Β»

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April Sephora Finds

I go to Sephora probably way too often. Is once a week-ish too often? I’m always in Union Square when I’m running errands, and it’s just right there, and I love makeup and skincare so I always have something I want to check out…

I usually splurge on a couple things once a month or so. I ONLY buy products that I’m absolutely obsessed with already and know I can’t live without – and I figure out what these ride or die beauty items are by utilizing the free samples. πŸ˜‰ Read More Β»

Skincare + Makeup, Wellness + Beauty