Colorado Stole My Heart <3

happiest scamp ever to be at the top of a mountain

last run of the day = perfect light

A few weeks ago I went on my very first ski/snowboard trip with my best friend Ashley, her husband and his best friends. Ugh, I can’t even express how wonderful the weekend was. I expected to have a great weekend because every weekend I spend with Ash is magical (long distance friendship makes any time you spend together the best ever), but this one was just extra magic, extra fun.

my ride or die for 9 years

Originally we thought we would do a day on the bunny slopes, and then a day exploring town, but after our first day I was so into it I couldn’t imagine skipping out on the second day. Skiing isn’t easy for me – I fall a LOT (so many bruises) but it didn’t matter, IΒ still loved being out there.

workin up a sweat on the bunny hill

We came to Colorado to Copper Mountain, and rented a condo in Frisco, minutes away from the slopes. Our condo was the perfect size for our group (us 2 girls and 5 boys, haha) and we headed out early each morning to get the whole day on the mountain. In the evenings we would watch back the boys’ GoPro snowboarding footage (I was so impressed with them!) and Black Mirror. I can’t watch that show by myself, I get too freaked out, so whenever Ashley and I are together is the only time I can handle an episode, ha.

ski lift all the way up

Colorado, you could not be any more magnificent

After two days on the bunny slope, the boys wanted to bring Ash and I all the way to the top of the mountain so up we went. It was so beautiful. Also it was 9-12k feet of altitude and I didn’t have any altitude sickness (neither in town nor on the mountain) so now I know I’m good to go whenever I get the chance to head to Peru for Machu Picchu hopefully sometime later this year!

been third-wheeling these two for the last 5 years, lol

It was the tail end of the second day when we headed up with the boys, and it turned into a massive struggle for us girls to get down the mountain. When it was steep I would get really nervous, so at a particularly steep point the snowcat (mountain car thing) came by and insisted they take me down part of the way. When they let me out to meet with my friends, the mountain rangers told me to take the easy path down (of course) but I lost it somehow after a few minutes and Ashley and I ended up spending probably 20 minutes sliding down the last part of the slopes on our butts. All the way down. It was so ridiculous but we were giggling the whole way and still having a blast πŸ™‚

struggle bus aka snowcat coming to get me πŸ˜‰

The third day we drove the couple hours it takes to get back to the airport in Denver, but not without stopping in Idaho Springs. IT WAS SO CUTE – the perfect little Western town. We had a great lunch and beer tasting at Tommyknocker Brewery and wandered around Main Street for a bit, and I was reveling in feeling like I was in West World. So fun.

such blue skies

found a gorgeous little coffee shop

Seriously can’t wait for next season and to maybe switch to snowboarding next time! When I wasn’t wiping out 1943792487 times, the feeling of going down the slopes was next to none. Love love love it and so glad I finally got out on a mountain after pining over a ski trip for literally years, haha.


photos: Lee Mora (+ some from my iphone)

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