Costa Rica Photos and a Little (Big) Spider Story

playing in the mini waterfall/’natural pool’

Now having been back home about a week and a half, I’d love to share a bit more of my CR experience and share more photos, from my camera as well as the iPhone shots.

Costa Rica is of course, so incredibly beautiful. Spending three weeks living on top of a mountain, in the rainforest, was an awesome experience. My days were filled to the brim with yoga classes and lecture classes, 8-9 hours a day. My strength feels like it has doubled – 4 hours of yoga will definitely do that, thanks to hundreds of chatarangas 😉

snapped during the week of rain – big thick constant clouds

casual tree that we heard crashing down onto the path during our morning yoga one day!

Things that were less than fun (besides the crazy rain) were the things like, well, spiders. One night I had to catch and release 3 big spiders out of our bathroom (the old cup + paper trick). Actually, our very first night, my roommates and I tried a method where we got the spider into a little garbage can and tried carrying it outside – it went scurrying out of the can though, of course, and my one roommate screamed and flung it in my direction (on accident, haha) which let to me running and screaming and jumping on my other roommates bed, while she ran and screamed and jumped on my bed. We were worried that now we had a loose big spider in our sleeping quarters, but within a couple minutes of inspecting the floor we found that my second roommate had accidentally stepped on it while running to jump on my bed. Oops! We felt bad but the whole scene would have been pretty silly to witness. After that whole thing, I grabbed a cup from the dining area and we just kept it in our bungalow for catching spiders in that way.

There was this other spider – a banana spider, very large and scary and poisonous – that made a web in front of our front door one morning. We had to knock down its web to get out of our door. By lunch time, the web was back up… and we had to knock it down again. It made a tiny web between the railing, apparently waiting to get us back… not even kidding. In the night, it came INTO our hut by coming in under the door and made a huge ass web over my roommates bed. Horrifying!!! We had to get one of the groundskeepers to come in and ‘remove’ him. 😐

But really, Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful country. I am so happy to have experienced it, to have gotten my yoga teaching certification and deepened my knowledge and practice and strength, and to have missed out on the majority of winter in NYC in the process 😉

very first photo I got on my camera. and the only sloth I saw, actually, on day one

jungle hike to the natural pool + waterfall

view out my front door

love beach puppies

super cool island cliff out there

in town – ponies and motor bikes and bright colors


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