Costa Rica

Hi, hi, hi,

Costa Rica is incredible.

So I’m here for my first yoga teacher training. I’ve been wanting to do one for a long time, but I knew I’d rather train abroad for a few weeks (specifically somewhere tropical and in the winter) rather than get the training dragged out every single weekend for months on end – when I found this three week intensive in Costa Rica on a rainforest mountain top so close to the coast/beach, I knew this was it.

Ever since arriving just over a week ago, I have felt so much peace. I am so content, calm, collected. Balanced. Disciplined. I feel so fully alive.

Every morning I wake up at 5:30 (which, a week ago, I thought was c r a z y – but its not, I love it) and we have our first yoga class from 6-8am. Breakfast follows, and then our first lecture/discussion of the day. After that we have a 2-3 hour break, during which we nap, shower, tan, go explore the jungle, go to the beach, whatever we want. Another two hour lecture class is after that, and then our last two hour yoga class. We have dinner at 7pm, hang out until 8:30-9, and then I’m asleep by 9:30. And it is so wonderful 🙂

My tiny house in the middle of the rainforest

I’m learning so much and discovering that, wow, I might actually want to teach yoga for real. I wanted to do a teacher training because I wanted to deepen my own practice by taking such an intensive course and to have that Yoga Alliance certificate in my back pocket, but when we did our first round of practice teaching the other day I just loved it. It felt right.

I’m surrounded by the most incredible natural beauty – jungle, beach, animals – as well as the most beautiful souls. My group is so kind, compassionate, cool and fun.

Much more to come – just wanted to touch base and share some of my photos from the past week 🙂

This pretty little girl is the resident cat, so sweet

Cloudy beach day with the coolest cliff island out there

I love beach dogs, but they don’t seem to love taking selfies with me, ha

Puerto Viejo <3

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