Creek Camping in Virginia

Cliff jumping …or walking an invisible tightrope?

Currently: on the Amtrak home to NYC. I just had a splendid weekend, spent camping right on the shore of this lil bit of water called Craig Creek waaayyy off the beaten path in Virginia. If you didn’t know, I spent my schooling years running around causing lots of mischief in that beautiful state, and it is every bit as much home as New York and Florida are.

For most of the last seven years, my group of girlfriends from college and I have spent Memorial Day weekend camping. Our group changes over the years, mainly by husbands, boyfriends, puppies, and more new friends added, but the core of us is the same – myself, Ashley K, Ashley M, and Ellen. We all lived on the same dorm hall freshman year of school and fell in love with each other over Mexican food, shared musical preferences, late nightย drives, and cats, duh.

Anyways, this weekend of camping we make sure to fit in every year (aside from last year, as Ashley M and her husband Kyle were on their honeymoon!) is something I basically live for.

Waterproof phone case changes everything ๐Ÿ˜‰

We go tubing down the creek. We jump off cliffs. We slide down rocks. (Well, I actually didn’t this year because I’m getting too #OldLadyStatus, ha) We make campfires and roast marshmallows and hot dogs (smartdogs for me nowadays, still delicious). We all love the outdoors, so its the perfect quality time weekend to all spend together, and look forward to every year.

Smartdogย creations – a nacho dog on the left, with salsa, avocado, sprinkle of cheese and crumbles of jalapeรฑo chips, and a slaw n beans dog on right – going vegetarian did not slow my hot dog game one bit!!

This year, though, this was the year that I felt something change. I seriously don’t enjoy drinking much anymore! I feel like I’ve reached the point where I can’t hang. And that’s fine? But I would prefer chilling out with some great music and tea and tarot cards or such, rather than get wasted. It’s actually a good feeling, and I’m thrilled to have finally, officially reached this point, haha. Not saying I don’t drink at all – I definitely enjoyed my share of beers and a wine ‘juice box’ while floating down the river – but going any harder than that just isn’t enjoyable anymore.

Some of my favorite moments from this weekend were caught on snapchat – honestly, I love snapping. It’s definitely my favorite social media, and it’s great to have a different story once in a while instead of just Rory and Freya being killer cuties when I’m home in Brooklyn.

Anyways, I have less than 24 hours at home once I get off this Amtrak, as I’m flying to Morocco tomorrow! Crazy, crazy – but after this trip I’ll be home for several weeks of New York summer ๐Ÿ™‚

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