Dinner Party + My Favorite Mushrooms (Recipe)

Ashley’s incredible tablescape style

I spent this past weekend at one of my heart-homes, in Maryland with my best friends from college. I’m feeling sooo especially lucky this year, since I’ve already been seeing Ashley once a month, as it turns out! The girls visited me in NYC in January, Ash and I went on our ski trip in February, we just had this weekend in March, I just booked a flight down to Virginia for a weekend in April, and in May we have our annual Memorial Day camping trip.

never not dying laughing with these two

Like I’ve said before – long distance friendship isn’t easy but we all put in the work, and its so, so worth it to be as close as ever with the girls I spent my formative years with. They know every last bit of me, every piece of my soul, every weird quirk or wacky thing I’ve ever done, and they still love me to pieces, as I do them. I’ve made some pretty terrible choices in boys over the years, but my choices in girls couldn’t be better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love their love <3

This weekend was special, as we planned out and executed an absolutely beautiful dinner party. Ashley and Kyle have a sous vide maker, and while I didn’t eat any of the chicken they made, I decided I wanted to just cut up a piece (yup, vegetarian weirdo, oh well) because they wouldn’t stop talking about how soft and perfectly cooked it was. Our friendย Anthony ate the piece I went to town on, haha.

My contribution forย the dinner party was this mushroom dish I love making. I found this recipe in a beautiful memoir called A Thousand Daysย In Venice, highly recommend. If you love mushrooms (they’re literally my favorite food) you’ve got to try this. Its simple enough, but absolutely incredible. My take on the recipe is below!

my doubled recipe of the mushrooms hangin out on our side table there in the back

Creamy Wild Mushrooms with White Wine and Sage


5 tablespoons butter (I use Kerrygold Irish butter)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 pound wild mushrooms (if you can’t find wild, get whatever you get get your hands on. I always use a mix of portabellos, maitakes, oysters, porchinis, etc! Whole Foods seems to always have the biggest selection ;))
1/2 pound of shallots
1 cup white wine (I use my personal favorite white, Oyster Bay sav blanc from New Zealand – they carry it at Trader Joes wine shop!)
1 cup heavy cream
Sage leaves
Salt and pepper

4 servings

Start by thinly slicing up your mushrooms and small dicing your shallots. I cry like crazy when I dice shallots, especially a half pound, so I actually wore chemistry goggles while I was dicing this weekend, ha. It worked.

Over medium heat in a big pan, melt down the butter and olive oil, then throw in the shallots and coat them in the butter. Pop in the mushrooms right after and mix everything together well, generously salting and peppering, sauteeing for a couple until the mushrooms start softening slightly.

Add the wine and continue braising for twenty minutes.

In a separate pan, add the cream and sage leaves (the original recipe says five leaves but I just put a handful in). Heat on low and cover, so that the cream can become perfumed with the sage.

Slice up the baguette and toast the pieces.

When the mushrooms are braised and the cream perfumed, remove the sage leaves and add the cream to the mushroom dish. Allow to braise all together for a couple minutes, until combined and slightly reduced.

Serve warm, with the toasted baguette slices, and enjoy a glass of the wine along with it!

in the kitchen in my cat apron, cooking mushrooms and having a beer – my happy place

We also watched MORE Black Mirror, three episodes over the weekend. I have so many feelings about this show. Obviously I think its important but it seriously freaks me TF out, and I refuse to watch it on my own. I think I’ve seen most of the episodes at this point, and we will probably finally finish up the series next time we see each other in April!

props to Kyle, our communal instagram husband, lol

I had so much fun wifing it up with the girls all weekend too. The party prepping, grocery shopping, Target runs, working side by side with my babes in the kitchen all day Saturday getting ready for our evening… seriously the best ๐Ÿ™‚ I long for a more normal life all the time now that I’m getting older. I love Brooklyn, but I just can’t see myself staying there forever – I do find some toxicity in the energy of New York, especially lately. Of course London always has a huge pull on my heart too, but I just love when I get to come *home* to Maryland a few times a year.

details are everything

I love being able to share my favorite recipes – today’s is definitely a decadent one, but such a great dinner party addition. Looking forward to more dinner parties in my life and more recipe posts up on Brooklyn Kitten!


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