Sneak Peek: January Pearlesque Box

I received my January Pearlesque box just before Christmas, so I’ve had a few days to try to products in this box and I am in love. They are perfect, especially for the cold, dry season of winter.

Last winter I got my first (and well, only, so far) facial at Heyday in Manhattan. My concerns were my horribly dry skin, and what I perceived to be my first wrinkles setting in. My facialist introduced me to adding oils into my skincare routine, and believe me when I say I no longer have worries about the wrinkles I thought I was getting.

This months box has three products from Akar Skin, a brand created after the creator visited Tibet (considered to be the 3rd cleanest place on earth, in terms of pollution!). Akar means white crystal in Tibetan, and means purity. These products are as pure as they can be. They sent a facial toner spray, facial oil and lip butter (and a cute little travel bag, seriously I can never have enough!). Read More »

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London Photo Diary + A Year In Review

gates of Buckingham Palace

By now its probably no secret how much I love London, so it probably won’t surprise you to hear that I’m heading there yet again (!!) in a week – after having just returned from that beautiful city three weeks ago. I just cannot stay away.

I’ll be in my heart-home for just three days, to celebrate New Years Eve there. I actually rang in this past NYE in London too; I was with my friend Yasmine and her family at the Savoy Hotel. It was such a beautiful evening. Later we traipsed over to a house party where I hung out in the kitchen with new friends while sipping champagne out of a mug, all while still in my ball gown, til 7am. What a night! Very excited to start and end the year in the same city with my same friends.

We will get to that review of this year at the end of the post, but first I want to share some photos from this past trip to London. There is no place where I feel more… right… than this city. Something about it, man. Its my place. I know that I will live there someday, hopefully sooner rather than later.

roses and beautiful houses in Brixton

Charlotte Street Hotel being all sorts of lovely in this light Read More »

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Reykjavik and Roadtrips: Iceland Part 2

taking in the spectacular view at Þingvellir National Park

Iceland is a lot of driving. They don’t have any trains there, so you basically have the option of spending a ton of money to sit on a bus and take a tour, or you can do some planning ahead and do self tours with a rental car. This is what I went for, except for the northern lights, which I’ll get to at the end!

Reykjavik is the biggest city in Iceland, but even it itself has such a lovely small town feel. It’s a great base from which to explore some parts of the country. Someday when I go to Iceland in the summer, I would love to have a camper and drive it around the ring road, exploring the entire country. But for now, in late fall/winter, smaller trips based out of Reykjavik is what I decided to stick with.

always making cat friends

Instead of going the hotel route, I booked us an entire apt Airbnb for our four nights there, ensuring we had a kitchen to ourselves. This was vital because food is SO EXPENSIVE in Iceland. No really, it’s crazy. That awesome lobster soup in Grindavik? Twenty bucks. Lobster soup in Reykjavik? Almost thirty. An entree at any of the lovely restaurants? Upwards of fifty dollars. So what we did was we went grocery shopping, loaded up and only spent about $50 total on that, and made breakfast and dinner at home and packed sandwiches for the road for when we would go exploring. My mum is an amazing cook and having that Airbnb really helped save us money in that department, and it was such a lovely apartment too. It was just beside Hallgrimskirkja, the massive church, on a quiet little street and only a few minutes walk to the cute main street Laugavegur in Reykjavik. Perfect.

colorful corners of the street Laugavegur Read More »

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The Blue Lagoon, a Fishing Village and Glamping Under the Stars: Iceland Part 1

Iceland was such a crazy and beautiful experience – seriously unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the world. It’s been on my list forever, especially because one of my best friends has been twice now and of course its an amazing place to see the Northern Lights (more on that coming in the next post!). Originally when booking this trip, I was looking for flights to London, but as always, whenever I travel to Europe I try to make more than one destination out of it. So when I saw Iceland Air was doing stopovers – and the flight from New York, to Iceland for several days, to London for a few days, and back to New York came out to only $500 (seriously amazing!) I booked myself and my mum flights immediately. This was back in August, so about 3 months prior to the travel. The price was on point!

The flight from New York to Iceland is quite quick, about 4.5 hours. This also means that we landed in iceland at 7am their time – 2am our time. This also means I got barely any sleep, (I dozed for maybe about half an hour) and the jet lag was going to set in harrrrrd. Even with as much as I travel, I’m horrible at handling jet lag when it happens to me. If I manage to get a few hours of sleep on a red eye and have a bed waiting for me for a couple more hours of sleep at my destination, then I’m fine but when its a situation where I’m landing in the middle of the night my time I just know that first day will be tough. So I try to plan accordingly.

the landscape around Grindavik is all mossy lava fields, seriously like another planet

I booked us a room in an Airbnb in Grindavik, the cutest little fishing town on the south coast. It’s only about twenty minutes from the airport instead of 45 minutes like Reykjavik, and the magical Blue Lagoon is located just on the edge of town. What better way to fight jet lag than with a spa day at one of the most gorgeous geothermal pools in the world?! Read More »

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Pearlesque Box: Organic Skincare from Around the World!

When I’m looking for new beauty and skincare products, there’s some important details I can’t live without – I want what I’m putting onto my skin to be organic and non-toxic, ya know? The cleaner the ingredients in products, the better for your skin and health.

I was thrilled to be able to partner with Pearlesque Box, a monthly subscription beauty box that is definitely different than all the other beauty boxes. Pearlesque is the first box that I’ve ever felt was worth it, not only because they offer organic, natural products, but because every month they feature products from a different country!

It’s awesome to receive skincare from around the world. The last few months have featured products from Malibu, Rhode Island and Italy. The December box, featured in this post, was filled with Metta Skincare, a Melbourne brand. If not for Pearlesque Box I wouldn’t be discovering these great product lines that are actually so good for us. Read More »

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Rediscovering Warsaw

Beautiful Warsaw by night

Over the summer I spent time visiting the country I am from – Poland. I was born in Florida, but my entire family is Polish, I grew up speaking the language, and have visited countless times (lately going twice a year, for Christmas and also during the summer).

Usually my visits are mostly spent with family, either in the suburbs just outside Warsaw or in my grandmother’s tiny town two hours from the city. People always ask me what Poland is like, and I don’t have much to say, since usually my time there is spent in my families homes rather than exploring the country. I did actually explore the country extensively on my own as a teenager, but since that was pretty much a decade ago the memories aren’t as clear.

image-1-jpg-3while walking around Warsaw – wish I could have around that record player I found in an antique shop home!

beautiful, peaceful bridge in Lazienki Park. I sat here and relaxed for a while, watching the ducks splash around

While I did spend time with my grandmother during this trip, I also spent some days staying in Old Town in Warsaw with my mum and they were pretty incredible. I feel like I discovered – or rediscovered, actually – this amazing city that I never cared much about before. Well, that certainly has changed! Here are some highlights of the summer days spent in the beautiful Warsaw 🙂 Read More »

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29 Rooms

in the ‘forest’ room

When I found out about Refinery29’s 29 Rooms installation art exhibit in a huge Bushwick warehouse, I knew I had to go immediately. Thank goodness I found out on Thursday night, the night all the famous bloggers and influencers were invited, so my friend Natashia and I were able to beat the crowd early on Friday. We only waited in line for probably half an hour, and spent 4 hours actually in the exhibit- I heard that on Saturday, the line itself to get in was over 5 hours! Agh. So glad we made it in on Friday.

The exhibit was SO MUCH FUN. Natashia and I were saying this is why we live in New York, for these kinds of experiences.

glitter room fun

Here’s some of our favorite moments! Read More »

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Ibiza by Day, Ibiza by Night

pretty as a postcard

One of my closest friends lives in London, and a few months ago she invited me along on her girls group holiday to Ibiza. I said yes, obviously, because I love these girls and I love islands and I was planning to be in Poland in late summer already, so skipping over to Spain from there was a piece of cake.

I didn’t know much about Ibiza, other than party party party when I thought of it. Partying is prevalent but the island itself is so gorgeous and has so much to offer outside of the constant beat of house music.

so much beauty to be found strolling around town

We stayed in a beachfront flat in Playa d’en Bossa, which is pretty much the hub of party, haha but didn’t actually party all that much – only two nights out of the seven we had. I’ve put together a breakdown of both our wild nights out and our wonderfully chilled out days and evenings, sipping sangria and strolling through the beautiful streets in town. Read More »

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California Dreamin’

fresh on the vine

I’ve been to California many times over the years, to both LA and SF, and even was on the brink of moving out there a few years ago – if only it wasn’t so far from my east coast life! I got to spend a little (long) weekend in San Fran last week and it was different than any other visit I’ve paid to California; this time, a wonderful mini roadtrip to Napa Valley was involved.

I loved Napa. Oh my gosh, I just loved it. The drive was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the wine was phenomenal. This post will mostly be about that part of the trip, but with a few San Francisco gems thrown in at the end! Read More »

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Modo vs Y7: My Two Absolute Favorite Yoga Studios

reflections outside Y7 Studio

If you don’t know already, I live for yoga. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but it is a HUGE part of my life – so much so that I even went to teacher training for a month earlier this year in Costa Rica! I’m not teaching yoga now (maybe someday); I mainly went to deepen my own practice, and lets be real, to run away from New York winter since I canNOT handle it, haha.

If you’re not into yoga, I really suggest trying it out. For my whole life growing up, my mother, who is a fantastic yoga teacher, tried so hard to get me into it and I just. Would. Not. I found it boring, to be honest. I really love to be active and I just wanted to run around outside or be swimming (…Floridian childhood).

But somehow, about a couple years ago something finally changed – I grew up? – and I fell in love with yoga. I can’t rave about the benefits enough; the stretching/loosening up, the balance work, the strength you build, the peace you find. There’s so many kinds of classes. Finding something that suits you perfectly really is possible. For me, I’m all about the hot yoga.

Modo Yoga’s beautiful white brick building
Read More »

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