The Mews: Up In The Air

(Photo from a previous west coast trip as I was sleeping and/or writing the whole trip this time ?)

Currently flying over beautiful Midwest, from Chicago (had a layover) to DENVER, CO for the first ski trip of my life! Woo!

(Post landing selfie in CO)

Sidenote: I call my random update posts ‘the mews’ because I thought I was being cute/clever, as in it’s the news – but mews, like a meow – and then I found out while I was in London in November that Mews is what they call little side streets. So I hope my Mews titled posts aren’t confusing to some, lol!

I haven’t done a mews post in a while so I figured it was about time. Can’t believe a month and a half of 2017 has already flown by, but its been really good to me so far. Life in New York has stabilized after a very tumultuous last few months of 2016, and I’m way happier now than I was, say, five months ago. So thank goodness for that – nothing like feeling your whole life is unraveling before your eyes, but keeping faith that things will get better. They did. Better than I ever hoped or expected. πŸ™‚

(Hanging out with my angels)

Several travels already planned for the next couple months – along with this trip to Colorado, I’m also going to Florida next week, DC in early March, CUBA in late March (dream come true), and Ireland for my oldest friends’ wedding in early April!

(Patches of sun, plastic bags and sticking his tongue out – a few of his favorite things)

The cats have been well. Rory was really sick a few months ago (added stress on stress for me) but he’s all better now, and loving and sweet as ever. My west coast girlfriend who I was just visiting in Vegas last month was visiting me in New York last week, and one night after actually going out with all our friends (so rare these days, haha) I was pretty buzzed and just started bawling about how much I love Rory and Freya when we got home. So, you know, normal crazy cat lady behavior. And Freya is just forever an angel. She loves cuddles now, and if I’m ever sitting on the couch my lap is never empty – one or both of them are snuggled up to me as firmly as possible. Last night the three of us slept in a little kitten pile.Β They give me so much love.

(The sweetest girl in the world, with an occasional love bite thrown in)

I’ve been trying to focus on time management and strategy. Its definitely my biggest weakness. I’ve been making priority lists and got one of those big calendars you can write in, which is really helpful. Also, I made myself a daily checklist to keep track of how I’m doing. Maybe I’ll share it soon? It’s pretty basic but includes every good habit I want to have daily, like meditating, working out, eating a fruity breakfast, reading the news, turning off electronics an hour before sleep, etc. Trying to increase my quality of life and make my days run smoother in general. It’s a work in progress!

(Always casually posing, note Freya’s rump in the bottom left!)

Anyways, I’m insanely pumped to spend the weekend out in CO. I’ve never even had skis on my feet so it’ll be quite the adventure πŸ™‚ I think I’m going to love it. I’ll do a Colorado recap post on my way home, can’t wait to share!


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