Winter Tropics: Acai Bowls

If you’ve never tried this heavenly Brazilian superfood, you are missing out.

Acai bowls are my favorite breakfast right now. You can’t beat their tropical, lush colorfulness, and they have so many amazing health benefits – my favorite of which is energy boosting. I’m not even drinking coffee these days, just making a quick acai bowl – and after downing it, I feel ready for anything!

In addition to being so great for you, they are SO easy to make.

I use:

One acai packet (found in frozen fruits section)
One handful frozen raspberries
Two bananas
And a splash of coconut water

Throw that all in a blender (I use a Nutribullet), pour into a bowl. Then, for toppings!

I love some granola, coconut shavings, and fresh fruit. I had pineapple on hand and waited until it was perfectly ripe and wow, what a treat to have juicy, fresh pineapple chunks with it. Bowls are also great with nuts, seeds, nut butters, or any other of your favorite fresh fruits!

Only thing with these bowls is that, of course, they’re cold. So when I’m eating them now, here in NYC in the dead of winter, I get pretty cold myself, haha. So if you’re in a chilly place like me, just throw that extra sweater on, close your eyes and dream of the warm tropics waiting for you with every bite of this fruity, perfect breakfast.

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